The New 5 City Council Members

Hello Loves,


Election Day has come and gone and now we have five new city council members who will be sworn in soon.

It was definitely a women’s night as four of the five that won where women.

WIth around 80,000 citizens that could have voted, the turnout was around maybe 11,000 who got out and voted.

I’ll not go on a rant right now and talk about how local politics is just as important as national politics but we will see a change in our city very soon. I’ll not jump on my soap box about how people like to take to social media and blast candidates but never truly let their voice be heard by going out to vote. I will just say this, if you don’t like who won and you didn’t vote next time you better vote.

The winners last night where


Stephanie Welch, District 1

Lauren Rider , District 4

Semma Perez ,District 3

Gwen McKenzie,  District 6

Andrew Roberto , District 2


This Republican girl wasn’t thrilled with all the candidates but I’m excited to see what city council will look like with all these changes.  I also want to say JOB WELL DONE to everyone that ran.  Most people have no idea what it’s like to run or be a involved in a campaign and many campaign managers and candidates worked day in and day out to get Knoxville’s vote.  So it’s with this blogger’s deepest and full heart I say thank you for all your hard work and dedication to our city and there are never enough Thank You’s.

Well Knoxville Here we go Now it’s time for COUNTY ELECTIONS AND CONGRESS TO KICK IN!!!!!!! Tis the season!

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