Susano Speaks on History and From The Heart

Hello Loves,


I zoomed out to Powell to hear Charlie Susano speak at the Halls/Powell Republican Meeting.


There was a good group of around 30 people present who were very eager to hear what Suzano is all about. Suzano opened up with what his passion truly is, history. More specifically, (and what I think more importantly) Knoxville history is where his heart lies. He then presented a voting ballot from 1864. It showed everyone who he really is, an old soul running for office. He’s not your typical politician though.  


Charlie Susano is a in his 40’s who was born and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee. He is a graduate from The University of Tennessee and has been married since 1996. He is also a father to two teenagers. He spent the first part of his adult life as an archaeologist then he decided to pursue law. It’s there that he learned to how important it is to get everyone on the same page and working together for a common goal. Public service is very important to the Suzano family and shows in his passion and drive. He is looking forward to serving the people of Knox County as Circuit Court Clerk, if elected.  


Susano talked on how important the job is as Circuit Court Clerk. The job is a vital process and it needs to be done with everyone working together. As a team, they can make sure the judges and everyone else can do there jobs to the best of their ability from beginning to end. You can think of it as the oil that keeps the court system engine running smoothly.


He didn’t speak about drugs or anything issues. He truly spoke from the heart of what he feels the job is and that’s serving the people.

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