All Those That Wonder are Not All Lost

Hello Loves,

A local Knoxvillian has beat all the odds in India.  Meg Stone born and raised in Knoxville Tn, has a heart for art and her motto I feel will always be, “all those that wonder are not all lost.”  Her spirit is one that can be in the mountains for years and never miss the day to day bustle.  She has a heart that has never met a stranger and her demeanor is sweet and kind, just being around her makes you a better person.



Her passion is art which lead her on a journey to India. During her journey she started on a hike to Zingchan, through this journey she had heard it was hard and lots of peaks but she pushed through.  While hiking on this trip she slid 200 feet down a mountain of loose rock throwing her backpack and everything she had down. Two days later she woke up from a nasty concussion, a bloody head, an eye that wouldn’t open and a wound on her right knee that went all the way up, but she was alive.

For the next 18 days she followed a river, drinking water from her hands, and followed a trail until she was found by two french tourist who feed her and helped her get to a hospital.

Meg Stone spent 18 days in the hospital and is finally recovering from her fall and her very own Indian adventure but has decided that this setback will not keep her from the beauty of India and the inspiration she will get from the trails and the amazing citizens who have helped her.


This Knoxville woman has seen how gracious people have been and from her very own strength and the grace of God she is alive. Now that’s a true Knoxville hero in my book.

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