Our Mayor and The Miltary

Hello Loves,

Mayor Burchett spoke at The Knoxville Navy Ball at the Marriott this past Saturday night. The Navy Ball is sponsored by the Knoxville Navy League and is organized by a group of sailors stationed at Naval Operational Support Center.

You can Find the whole speech Here on my Facebook , but I’ll give you the footnotes from it.

Mayor Burchett opened up with talking about his beautiful wife and his sweet daughter and, of course, great jokes. He spoke about his wife Kelly’s late husband and his Navy career as a  Master Chief in the United States Navy. Mayor Burchett said he felt like every one of the service members in the room are the real heros, which is something he doesn’t say lightly. A roar and laughter came when he explained what a real hero was and that is not a person who kneels at a football game during the National Anthem.

He continued his speech by sharing about his Uncle Roy that was killed a few days after D- Day. He proudly went through the list of his family members who faithfully served our great country. A story that brought tears to my eyes was the story of how his grandmother was told that his Uncle Roy had given the ultimate sacrifice and was killed in action. His mother told him the story of how the army solider pulled up, parked the car and knocked on the door to deliver the news. His grandmother was told she had lost her son. She went to the back room and cried alone for 15 minutes. Afterwards, she picked herself up, dried her tears, and started cooking dinner for her family. Our County Mayor has a strong sense of pride for our military members.


He spoke about the sacrifices our military members make and how veterans serve because they love our country. He discussed how politicians send them to war then turn there back on them.  He made it a point to mention  how Washington does not do their job for our veterans and that they need to be taking better care of them. Burchett feels we should give vouchers to our veterans so they could choose what doctors they want to go to and not be forced to go to who Washington picks. I foresee this being a big platform for him during his congress race.

Once again, Mayor Burchett showed his true faith in Knoxville and the military and his passion to help them. He ended his speech with the fact he owes everything he has, except his salvation, to our veterans.


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