The Traveling Southern Kitchen

Hello Loves,


Do you love food trucks? These amazing meals on wheels always make me happy when I see one at an event or on the side of the road. Maybe it’s because I love to eat, or maybe  it’s because I know for most people who own these food trucks it’s their passion it’s not just food to them. They put every ounce of themselves in every savory bite we take.


Well that is the case for  the owner of Finny B Chef Paul Moody.   Finny B food is fine dining five course meals with a hint of Southern charm and taste. Chef Paul was born in East Tennessee but has lived every where from New York City to Hilo Hawaii and his culinary journey has brought him to blackberry farms, Le Bernardin, and the Food Network.880f53_6214bafadbd9448d9e799f2655a5ad16~mv2

But his story doesn’t end there he is taking his food truck to a new level. He has created a new experience for  Knoxville that will be opening up October 13th.

This experience is called Finny B at the Hill, the new stationary location will be at 2605 West Gallaher Ferry Road Knoxville Tn, 37923.


He will be opening a fine dining enchantment for you to experience. This is how it works: he will only be open on Fridays and Sundays for now. He will have tables and fine dining everything for you to eat at. You make reservations and the whole place only seats 25 people! This intimate fine dining on Friday’s is the perfect spot for date nights and girls nights.  But on Sunday he transforms the area to a fine dining potluck for 30 pushing the tables together so you can meet new people and break bread.



No worries even know he is going to be stationary on Friday’s and Sunday’s he’s still opening for your catering needs. I’m most excited about an event he is having on Dec. 22nd. He will be making a 90 day old aged prime rib! WHAT??? So yummy.


This new location will help build up Knoxville with such great ideas like this to bring Knoxvillians together how could you not want to go and enjoy?  All of his dates and locations are listed right Here . Get out and support Paul Moody owner of Finny B and tell him your go to girl for Knoxville sent you!

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