A Sad Day For America….

Hello Loves,


As a Knoxville Blogger I try to not even speak on anything else other than Knoxville, but today my heart breaks for Las Vegas. My heart hurts for the families, the love ones and everyone involved.  I’m also shaken to the core that this happened in America.

Does fear now ring in your heart like it does mine? Could this happen to Knoxville?  I feel like sometimes I live in this bubble where and  that will never happen to me.  I was just at the UT Football game this weekend and to think what if something like that happened there.  We have had many concerts in Knoxville, what if it had happened in our good ole Rocky Top?


As you go through your day today, hold your kids a little tighter, look at the sun and enjoy the heat, do your job a little bit better,  for today you’re alive.


My thoughts and Prayers are with every single person, every family member and every officer.

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