Sneak Peek Week

Hello Loves   It’s Old Gray Cemetery Lantern Tour week. This week I’ll give you a sneak peek of what you will see and hear this Sunday at Old Grays Lantern tour.   Every year stories from the grave are chosen and actors act on interesting parts of these peoples lives that are buried at … Continue reading Sneak Peek Week

A Landmark Comes To Life.

Hello Loves,   Have you ever stopped and looked at how many historical landmarks our great city has? From the Tennessee Theater, to our Sunsphere to Kern's Bakery everywhere I look a story is told from one of our great landmarks.   There's one that most people have no idea about and it doesn't just … Continue reading A Landmark Comes To Life.

Knock Knock….It’s James Corcoran

Hello Loves, Who’s that knocking on my door and my neighbors doors? Since the City Council  primaries ended,  one candidate I know is putting the peddle to the metal. Everything from new yard signs and mailers are being designed and he’s tying up his shoes and hitting the pavement. City Council candidate for the Third … Continue reading Knock Knock….It’s James Corcoran

Caring for Our Community

Hello Loves, What did you do before the game today? Well let me tell you about one man who I caught spending his Saturday covering Knox County with a sea of yard signs with his name on it. From Fountain City to Farragut you will find all new Don Ridings for  Circuit Court Clerk signs … Continue reading Caring for Our Community

Help is on the Way

Hello Loves, Looks like some of our local loves are off to help the people in need in florida due to hurricane Irma. Local man and strong Republican Jonathan Katsiros was just activated by his unit for 60 Days to Help with the destruction and so much more! Please pray for this Local hero and … Continue reading Help is on the Way