These Candidates Are On Fire

Hello Loves


Endorsements are coming in like bee’s to honey and today the Knoxville Firefighters made their picks for city council and the endorsements go to..

Andrew Roberto District District 2 West Knoxville


Stephanie Welch District 1 South Knoxville


Harry Tindell District 4 East KNoxville


James Corcoran District 3 North West Knoxville


Gwen McKenzie District 6 South East


These endorsements are made my question and answer  surveys. Every candidate is given the same questions to answer than board reviews the answers and they pick their choice by how the candidate’s answer.  


Don’t Forget Early Voting Starts October 18 and ELECTION day is Nov. 7th.  With that said I want to make sure all my readers understand that you can vote in all districts in this election.  It’s  only in the primary that you vote for who is in your district.  In this race you NOW get to vote for them all, so please let your voice be heard and GO VOTE!!!

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