Three Women Candidates for Governor

Hello Loves,

Three Republican candidates for governor were at the Knoxville Expo Center today for a forum hosted by the Knox County Republican Party. Speaker Beth Harwell, former State Senator Mae Beavers, and Kay White all showed up. Yes you read that right. With the exception of Congresswoman Diane Black, it was only the women running in the Republican primary.

Your go to girl had some questions for the candidates that I think people would like to know. I asked each candidate what they believe are the top three issues facing Tennesseans and what they believe makes them different from the other candidates.

Here’s what they had to say….

Speaker Harwell:
Question 1:
The opioid epidemic is her number one concern, and says that it’s taken over Tennessee.
Education- She said we can do better, and she has never given up on education.
Wants more apprenticeships and interns for our young people. Believes that if we can build our young adults up that we can grow Tennessee from the young up.

Question 2:
She believes being Speaker of the House gives her the experience needed to be governor. Also believes she has done a great job and her record as speaker shows.

Mae Beavers
Question 1:
Education- over tested and the fact that we’re losing teachers.
The opioid epidemic.
Homeland security.

Question 2:
She says her voting record says everything about who she is. Has stood for what she believes in regardless of she was the only one.

Kay White:
Question 1:
Opioid problem and drug abuse.
Opposed to the gas tax increase.
She’s also concerned about the state budget increasing by billions, and wants to know where that money has gone.

Question 2:
She says that she’s a leader. She said what really separates her from the others is that the others have served in the Haslam Administration or has served in the legislature and she doesn’t need any of that.

Who had the best answers? That’s for you to decide, not me.

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