A Landmark Comes To Life.

Hello Loves,


Have you ever stopped and looked at how many historical landmarks our great city has? From the Tennessee Theater, to our Sunsphere to Kern’s Bakery everywhere I look a story is told from one of our great landmarks.


There’s one that most people have no idea about and it doesn’t just tell one story it tells hundreds of stories. Old Gray Cemetery is full of untold stories from the grave and stories that helped build up our amazing city. Founded in 1850 Old Gray serves the final resting place for over 9,000 people including prominent Knoxville citizens.

Old gray tells a unique story through Knoxville’s past and you can not only hear these stories, you can also help. On Sunday September 24th Old Gray will hold their Lantern Tour.  This event is like no other as actors bring the dead to life through acting out how these people lived and maybe died. They give you a look into the past as they act out different people who are resting in Old Gray Cemetery.


This event starts off my Fall Season I personally invite you to join me for this great adventure and look into history of Knoxville. It’s safe for kids and entertaining for adults and believe me you will learn something new. Check out their Facebook Page where they post stories about many of the buried.


September 24th from 4 to 7! Make it down!



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