Charlie Where Are You?

Hello Loves,


City races are still going on as I write this but now that voting has happened it’s time for our county races to REALLY start to pick up.


One race I have been following and watching their Campaigns and their ways are the circuit court clerk, Running in this race is Don Ridings, Charlie Susano, Tim Wheeler and Scott Smith. Each and every campaign is different but I’ve noticed Charlie Susano has taken a different approach than what I’ve seen before.


Most candidates approach social media with here is the every day list of what I’ve done and see what I’m going to do.  Charlie has a facebook but it’s not about what he’s doing or what he plans to do, his attack…….. is see it in person, he’s not going to sale his soul for an elected office but I will say he is everywhere.  I’ve seen him at many events but you will not see him brag about it.  


If you want to know where Charlie stands, call him up or wait for him to knock on your door.  It’s definitely not an approach I’ve seen in my years, to not talk about yourself, but maybe it’s time for us to get back to more conversations face to face instead on social media.


Now this is just this blogger’s humble way of seeing things but let me make no mistake he is everywhere just like the others have been!


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