And The Council Voted……

Hello Loves,


The Knoxville City Council met for a special meeting over the tie of Harry Tindell and Amelia Parker for City Council District 4.


Both Parker and Tindell were allowed to speak to make their case on why they should be in the general election. They also allowed two supporters of each to speak.


After that Councilman Finbarr spoke about how hard every candidate worked this time, and even if this decision does not fall in your favor he asked that everyone stay engaged and then the vote happened.

Everyone member of City Council voted unanimously for Harry TIndell.


So now the race is on, Lauren Rider and Harry Tindell will run head to head, voice to voice, for the Fourth District seat.

There is ONE more meeting of the election commission on september 15 to make sure everything is squared away.


Amelia Parker can still be a write-in candidate if she wants to continue to run. We will see if she does.



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