A Voice For The Voiceless…..

Hello Loves,


Who will be a Voice for the Voiceless?

Well when it comes to Magnolia , Martin Luther King Blvd and the KAT bus shelters , Vivian Underwood Shipe will be that voice.


I attended a KAT meeting on August 24 and it was because of Mrs. Shipe that I was there.

Shipe is passionate about getting bus shelters on Magnolia Avenue where right now there is a great need for them. If you drive down you may see two broken down shelters, on a hot day these shelters provide coverage from the heat, on a rainy day they provide a shelter to keep dry on snow days they keep your feet from the snow as you wait to go to work or school. They are needed but for some reason no one can find any money to provide this need in an area that isn’t downtown or south Knoxville.


Shipe made a speech on August 24 reminding everyone there that it is our job to help who is in need, reminding us of the bible verse Matthew 25:40 [ and the king will say “I tell you the truth, when you did to one of the least of these brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me.”]


The KAT board was in no way shape or form interested or even acted like they understood the need as Shipe spoke, but that didn’t stop her, she provided 500 petitions on which she went out on her own to get saying they need these shelters and provided a pamphlet of quotes from different people stating this such as: “our neighborhood is as important as any”, “as you encourage ridership….provide accommodations” and my favorite “Improve the bus system for the regulars and not just the tourist and downtown visitors.”


She ended with a few questions that I’m sure will never be answered…..


  1. Is Magnolia and MLK a priority for you?
  2. If you do not have the funds, can you streamline costs to create revenue to put shelters at the busiest stops?
  3. There used to be shelters but they were removed….where did they go?
  4. Can we have our shelters back?
  5. Do you have bus shelters in storage?
  6. Are there funds in the city budget that can be used for shelters?
  7. Can the Mayor direct shelters to be placed along these routes?


I’m going to be staying up on this issue if you want to know more or how you can get involved make a comment here and I’ll send you the info you need.


I’ll end with my own two cents…..isn’t Knoxville all of Knoxville? Aren’t we a city not just downtown or south Knoxville aren’t we a bunch of communities together? Why isn’t the money spread evenly? And if there is a need how come our city mayor doesn’t see it?


Wasn’t this the same mayor that spent a full day on the KAT bus system and bragged about how she will build up this system when 8 years ago she first ran? I’m confused? Are you?

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