The City Votes and The Result Are….

Hello Loves,


The first part of the City Council races, the primary, have finally ended. Which means  we have narrowed it down to two candidates in each district with the exception of the Fourth District.


First things first… Here are YOUR candidates for each district.


District 1

Stephanie Welch with 64.25% of the votes for a total of 487 votes.




Rebecca Parr with 16.75% of the votes for a total of 127 votes.




District 2


Andrew Roberto with 38.16% of the votes for a total of 807 Votes.



Wayne Christensen with 30.03% of the votes for a total of 619 votes




District 3

James Corcoran with 47.60% of the votes for a total of 377 votes.



Seema Perez with 25.13% of the votes for a total of 199 votes.



District 4

Lauren Rider with 43.51% of the votes for a total of 889 votes.



A TIE for second between Harry Tindell and Amelia Parker

15894963_119314698573906_2803165476031475275_n.jpg                 20993073_10155831859564170_7115464885692220903_n.jpg



District 6

Gwen Mckenzie with 22.24% of the votes for a total of 314 votes.



Jennifer Montgomery with 17.28% of the votes for a total of 244 votes.




Now let’s go back to Fourth District. The tie between Tindell and Parker will be up to the City Council to decide according to state law. This decision will be made very soon.


From now until November these candidates will be running city wide! So, let’s put the peddle to the metal and start some door knocking!


Your go to girl would like to congratulate all the candidates who ran, and a special congratulations to all the winners and McCalla Around Knoxville advertiser James Corcoran. It takes a lot to run a campaign so hats off to everyone who did just that.

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