Phil Is Back.

Hello Loves,



Phil Ballard has picked up a petition to run for Register Of Deeds, this morning.  This is now a race between Nick McBride and Phil.

We can always count on Knox County races to keep us on our toes.


You may now go back to your day.



2 thoughts on “Phil Is Back.

  1. Finally Nick has a race. No one should be a shoe in. Especially a “good ole’ boy”. Thank you Phil and thank you Roger for not letting the same happen with Ms Witt. All they want is the insurance and to be on the payroll.


  2. The biggest question I have is how in the world Kendra Knox County Republican Party allow this idiot to run? He has been accused of sexual harassment over 15 times. From Grange insurance to Knox county property assessors office this guy is a pariah of the highest order. He cheats on his wife, breaks up families, threatens women workers, And it is a general scumbag.


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