A Slice of Southern Heaven

Hello Loves,


What do you do when you’re driving down Kingston Pike and the sweet tooth hits you? I have two words for you that are as sweet and as hardcore as the name of the place itself. MOONSHINE COOKIE. Okay Y’all this place is a little slice of Southern Heaven.


It’s a cookie boutique, where they mix and scoop by hand and they have an ingredient that no one else does Moonshine. Although the moonshine cooks out it leaves these amazing cookies more than melting in your mouth. They leave a lingering taste that makes you want more and more.


I walked in and was only going to order two for my grandparents, but the smell was overwhelming of yumminess so I had to have one or two for the road.


They have six flavors to pick from and every once and awhile they throw in a seasonal one like the not named yet peach one that I inhaled in three bites. Dear Lord it was amazing.


Each batch of cookies are baked fresh daily, and are available nationwide for mailing. Each cookie is $2 each and if you buy six you get one free and by the way there’s nothing better than a free cookies!!


Head over now because no lie since I have tasted these delicious cookies I’ve been back maybe once every day!!

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