Pour Some Good Times In Knoxville!

Hello Loves,


A new Knoxville watering hole has open and its concept is not only neat but super fun. Pour located at 207 West Jackson Avenue is a new concept on a bar that doesn’t have bartenders and you don’t pay by the glass but by the ounce…


When you walk in you’re greeted with friendly staff that will walk you through all the beers and wines on tap.  Pour is a great way to taste and find what you like.  You’re given a wristband and off you go to taste away. Remember you pay by the ounce not by the cup and for me I actually came out paying a lot less than I normally do.

The beers on tap are mostly local and seasonal favorites, IPA, cider beers, wheat beers, and if you’re like me you love when you see local breweries like Hexagon, a local Knoxville brewery, being offered at different places. You can also try beers like Raspberry Jam that I’ve tasted at a few beer festivals and it’s quickly becoming my go to beer if they have it.


If you want to know what’s on tap before you go you can look online and their system is updated every time a new keg is changed out so you are completely up to date on what is drinkable for your fun night out on the town.


And don’t steer away if you don’t like beer because wine is also on tap and boy o boy this made my night. I love my wine more than I could ever love my beer and once again it’s a perfect way to taste and find new flavors you like.


Pour brings in a new crowd and a new way to drink to Knoxville’s Downtown area and I suggest you to go and try it out! Make sure you tell them you saw it from your go to girl for Knoxville!


And like always drink responsibly.

One thought on “Pour Some Good Times In Knoxville!

  1. Love this place! Definitely a good place to try different beers without having to buy a whole beer! And the wrist band drop box is SUPER convenient. Thanks for blogging about this place! I would have never known about it!


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