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On Saturday August 5th, Knoxville GOP members with the help of the one and only Gary Loe held an open forum for all republican city council candidates at Crowne Plaza. With around 30 in attendance it was very informative but the turnout wasn’t what this little republican girl wanted.

The candidates who attended were as follows…..


District 1

Greg Knox (could not attend to a sickness in the family.)

Andrew Wilson


District 2

Wayne Christensen

David Williams


District 3

James Corcoran


District 4

Dan Davis


District 6

Michael  Covington


Here are some quick notes about each Candidate PLEASE DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. Check out all of their websites and facebooks Social Media is to help you out and not just to check out selfies.  

Andrew Wilson District 1, Facebook


~Feels like the city is not sticking to their budget and taking out to many loans.

~ Wants a balanced budget.

~ wants to give more property rights back to the people in the city for both businesses and residents.

~ recoding- he wants this city to lighten up on a lot of these regulations as sidewalks, and bushes.


Wayne Christensen District 2, Facebook


~ Grateful what the city has done, but he’s ready to take his tool box and put in his time .

~ Wants strong growth but not giving up the quality of life.

~ He wants to deal with the opioid problem in the city.

~ He thinks it’s a horrible idea to put sidewalks everywhere.

~ Put a 25 year plan that can help us build up the city and figure out what we can all do together and not just so many groups working against each other.


David Williams District 2, Facebook


~ Against the proposed city council increase.

~Born and raised in the Pond Gap area.

~ wants an open more communication in city council.

~ All about the neighborhoods.

~ Wants to stop going up on property taxes.


James Corcoran District 3, Facebook


~ Believes in hardwork.

~ He’s an attorney.

~ Is also concerned about the opioid problem, believes it’s a crime problem and a health problem.

~Says the city properties are an issue when you cut cops pay and our opioid problem is still going up.

~Focused on finding the source of these drugs.

~ We need to increase revenue not taxes.

~Wants to get the city’s budget under control.

~Government should pay attention to all districts not just the rich parts. Believes we need to take a step back and show attention to them all.


Dan Davis District 4,Facebook


~Works at 911

~ Knows the in’s and out’s of the opioid  problem because of his job.

~Was raised to be a public servant.

~ Feels the city is way too far left.

~Wants to spread the money where it’s needed not in the same spots.

~ Change panhandling rules.

~Wants to work to keep our taxes low.

~Wants to give KPD the money they deserve.


Michael Covington District 6,Facebook


~More healthcare access.

~ Make sure we get health care that his district needs.


Please do your research and GO VOTE! Early voting is going on NOW!!!


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