Let your VOICE be heard


Hello Loves,

Early Voting is here and you can vote at ANY of these locations. Now remember during early voting you can go to any of these, but on election day you can only go to your precinct.

Vote Early

City- County Building

Small Assembly Room

400 Main ST.


Downtown West

1645 West Blvd, Unit 34

Love Kitchen

2418 Martin Luther King jr. Ave


New  Harvest Park

4775 New Harvest Park Lane


Cecil Webb Recreation Center

923 Baker Ave


Get out and make your voice heard by putting in your VOTE!


One thought on “Let your VOICE be heard

  1. No sancuary cities in Tennessee!
    We already have enough homeless and those wanting to work, we DO NOT NEED any ILLEGALS in our cities, state or our country!
    IF you politicians truly believe that these illegal need coddling, renounce your political office, your American citizenship and move to what ever country these people come from and coddle them there!
    Tennessee has enough problems without adding any more to it!


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