Job Well Done Representative John J. Duncan Jr.

Hello Loves,

It’s been a busy political week for Knoxville. Representative John J. Duncan Jr. announced he will not seek re-election next year after a remarkable three decades in office. Duncan says he has thought about retiring before this decision, but now is the time and on to the next chapter of his life.

Duncan has been one of the best for fiscal conservatives in East Tennessee and the entire country and he’s always stood for what he believes even if everyone didn’t agree with him. He was one of only seven in the House that voted against the Iraq War. When Ron Paul retired in 2012, it left Duncan as the only Republican in Congress that voted against the Iraq War.

Here’s a few of many of his accomplishments as the Second District Congressman:

  • Fought the Federal Reserve for a sound monetary policy.
  • Voted against No Child Left Behind.
  • Voted against the bank bailouts at the end of President George W. Bush’s tenure.
  • Opposed action in Libya and Syria during President Obama’s second term.
  • Opposed the Trans Pacific Partnership.
  • Serves on the Advisory Board of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.


This is just a small list of the many accomplishments. Your go to girl would have to list out hundreds to include them all.


Knoxville and this blog are very proud of all of his hard work and dedication for his constituents but also the dedication and sacrifices his family has put into our city and state. I’m looking forward to what his next plan is!


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