Welcome New Advertiser James Corcoran

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Let’s all welcome a new advertiser with McCalla Around Knoxville. James Corcoran for Knoxville City Council District 3.

Early Voting is NOW taking place for City Council races.  If you are looking for a republican that is going to stick to his guns and be the voice for you by keeping your then James is the man you want to vote for.

James was recently endorsed by the Knoxville News Sentinel. Here is part of their endorsement, “We believe Corcoran understands the needs of his district, offers suggestions to meet those, is willing to work with other council members to help the city move forward and is the best candidate for District Three to replace term-limited Brenda Palmer.”


Check out his Facebook, Twitter, and Website for more info!


And welcome to our McCalla Around Knoxville Blog team James! Thanks for Bringing up Knoxville and not tearing it down.

Pour Some Good Times In Knoxville!

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A new Knoxville watering hole has open and its concept is not only neat but super fun. Pour located at 207 West Jackson Avenue is a new concept on a bar that doesn’t have bartenders and you don’t pay by the glass but by the ounce…


When you walk in you’re greeted with friendly staff that will walk you through all the beers and wines on tap.  Pour is a great way to taste and find what you like.  You’re given a wristband and off you go to taste away. Remember you pay by the ounce not by the cup and for me I actually came out paying a lot less than I normally do.

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Go Vote Republican Version

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On Saturday August 5th, Knoxville GOP members with the help of the one and only Gary Loe held an open forum for all republican city council candidates at Crowne Plaza. With around 30 in attendance it was very informative but the turnout wasn’t what this little republican girl wanted.

The candidates who attended were as follows…..


District 1

Greg Knox (could not attend to a sickness in the family.)

Andrew Wilson


District 2

Wayne Christensen

David Williams


District 3

James Corcoran


District 4

Dan Davis


District 6

Michael  Covington


Here are some quick notes about each Candidate PLEASE DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. Check out all of their websites and facebooks Social Media is to help you out and not just to check out selfies.  
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No Attack Ads!

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Our Mayor is taking a stand read his media release for today!


Media Contact: Andrew Davis – 865-202-5435


Voicemail: 865-315-8270

Burchett commits to no attack ads, asks Knox Co. employees not to donate


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (Aug. 8, 2017) — Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett will not run attack ads as part of his campaign for the United States Congress.

“This campaign is about the people of East Tennessee and their principles and values,” Mayor Burchett said. “Mean-spirited attacks are a big part of what is wrong with politics in our country, and I will not use those tactics to get elected to Tennessee’s Second Congressional District. I will stand on my track record of fiscally conservative, responsible leadership, as well as my history of helping people who need it.”

Mayor Burchett is also publicly asking that all Knox County government employees refrain from donating to his political campaign.

“I don’t want our employees feeling like they have to give to my campaign or worrying about whether it’s the right thing to do,” said Mayor Burchett. “I’ll make it simple: If you work for Knox County Government, please don’t donate to my campaign. I want our employees focused on coming to work everyday and on serving Knox County taxpayers.”

Burchett for Congress campaign updates can be found online at BurchettForCongress.com , on Facebook at @BurchettForCongress and on Twitter at @VoteBurchett .


Let your VOICE be heard


Hello Loves,

Early Voting is here and you can vote at ANY of these locations. Now remember during early voting you can go to any of these, but on election day you can only go to your precinct.

Vote Early

City- County Building

Small Assembly Room

400 Main ST.


Downtown West

1645 West Blvd, Unit 34

Love Kitchen

2418 Martin Luther King jr. Ave


New  Harvest Park

4775 New Harvest Park Lane


Cecil Webb Recreation Center

923 Baker Ave


Get out and make your voice heard by putting in your VOTE!


Knoxville Today Washington Tomorrow

Hello loves,

Well, they say a picture says a thousand words, but a sign says it all as well. On Saturday our very own Mayor Burchett announced he will be running for Congressman Duncan’s Congressional seat.


The announcement had around 250 to 300 normal people there. I’m not counting the typical politicians I’m talking about the normal average joe’s like you and I that came out to Vol Market to support our county mayor.

His pastor introduced him, talked about how it’s a great day to show your support and how he crossed party lines for his friend and someone he believed in and said a prayer, then the limelight was on Burtchett.


He opened up and recognized Lieutenant Governor Randy Mcnally as one of his dearest friends. Thanked everyone for coming and then it was time to talk about what he was going to do.  He portrayed East Tennessee not as red and blue but as a group of people who want as little of government in our lives as possible.  He spoke on how he has paid down over 50 million of our debt in Knox County.


A focus he had was on our country’s heroes, not the singers or the football players that we idolize so much but the men and women that laid down their lives for us or get hurt and come back home and can’t even get a job or health insurance. A major point of his speech was that veterans have to drive hundreds of miles to get what they need. A tear was saw on his amazing wife’s eyes that was heartfelt as the words that he said.

Burchett Announces-8-5-17-106

He ended with, Washington is to gutless to do anything and how he isn’t that gutless and it was time for someone to stand up and do what’s right, not what’s popular. The main points for his speech is veterans need help, to much government, how Washington should listen to us here in East Tennessee instead of the “Fat Cats” in Washington. His facebook and twitter is now up and running for you to add and follow.


The race is up and running as Jimmy Matlock also sent a special welcome to the race to Burtchett and that he will be praying for him and his family.

Roger Kane’s Huge Campaign Kick Off

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Last Thursday State Representative Roger Kane officially announced his plans to run for Knox County Court Clerk. His kick off was at Calhoun’s on the River. The amount of people who showed up to support Roger was overwhelming. Many of his fellow legislators attended to his family and friends. The kick off started with people in and out and it didn’t stop.


State Representative of the 11th District Jeremy Faison, used his kind words to introduce Kane. He spoke about watching and learning from Roger along with his deep respect for how Roger has served in the legislature.


Roger spoke on how he upheld what he said and will not run again for state representative, as he said when he first run he would only serve three terms. He’s definitely not a career politician, although he may look like he has ran more than his opponent, it really isn’t that way because he’s only been in elected office since 2013.


He spoke about being a small business owner and how he can best serve the citizens of Knox County. While not in session he’s very active in the Karns community, teaching insurance classes, and continuing his own education. He’s one out of a very few seeking office in Knox County that hasn’t been in the good ol’ boy network of politics.