The Game of Success

Hello Loves,


Do you like board games? I recently met with a person who has changed the game when it comes to board games. Jason Evans and his wife have designed and developed a game that is quickly taking over the game world, and you could  possibly see it in your child’s next class.  What game is it? Success! It’s a board game about money management, dealing with what life throws at you and how to overcome the bumps in the road you may encounter.


The game is made up of cards that give you what you have to achieve to win the game. Every board is different but they all have one thing on the a carrae, you roll the dice and the number determine how you will manage your money by what job you have, and the rest depends on you.  On your card you may get to travel, you may have a dog, you may have kids, a spouse, or you may simply have none of that. The cards show that everyone’s life is different, but we can all have success and work through the cards that we have been given.


The game also has these great chance cards, these cards are our “happy bumps” or “bad bumps” in the orad. For example you may pick one card that which may be that your wealthy aunt just gave you money or pick another and you have to give half of your assistants to the bank because of a divorce. The game makes you think about how to manage money because once it’s gone you’re out.


I got to play and let me tell you in the first few minutes I was a doctor who was married then got divorced. It was amazing but made this go to girl really think. The best thing for me is this man is local and developed this great game in Knoxville! SO stop what you are doing right now and go for it! Smart toys and books has it or you can get it from his website!!!

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