A Weekend Update

Hello Loves,


Boy oh Boy, was this weekend busy, from bridge dedications, parades, to fairs.

Here’s a quick rundown of what happened this weekend, but always remember to tune in to Real News Talk 92.3 to hear all the events going on in Knoxville every Friday at 7pm.

Karns held their annual Fair and Parade from politicians, to karns fairest of the fair it was a huge hit put on by the Northwest Knox County Business Association.  It was a great event for Local businesses and families to meet n greet and see what all Karns has to offer.


On the other side of town three bridges were dedicated with the help from State Representative Rick Staples of the 15th District. The new names were to honor community leaders for these bridges are, Theotis Robinson, Reverend Harold and former County Commissioner Diane Jordan. This is the first time the Black Democratic Caucus has ever been here in Knoxville. So, well done Representative Staples for getting them here then having an open forum to answer questions.

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