Eddie Smith and the Future

Hello Loves,

State Representative Eddie Smith took time out of his busy summer and even with a summer cold to speak to the Knox County Young Republicans. He came ready with new information about what he has been working on and what he achieved this year in Nashville.

He spoke about the reform on our health insurance. Then we moved on talking about how for new teachers Eddie has helped 1st time teachers who just came out of school receive some extra money for their classroom to decorate and start getting materials for their classrooms. The bill passed the House and got hung up in the senate.  Eddie is on the education committee so a lot of his bills deal with education.

One of the bills that he’s working on is substance abuse with minors. There is not ONE substance abuse facility in the state of Tennessee that solely helps just children. How sad is it that we can treat adults in the state of Tennessee but no children? Eddie is working hard for the kids in the system and children that get out of the system, giving more power for the parents to say hey we need help.


State Representative Eddie Smith is truly fighting for the Republican Party. He had many great ideas on how we can grow our little group and even offered to help.  Nashville hasn’t seemed to change him and he’s spending his summer working hard for Knoxville even if he’s not in session.

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