Big Industry Chain Gone Bad

Hello Loves

Knoxville just had a case of “Big Industry Chain” gone bad. Alfred Angelo, a designer wedding dress chain has closed its doors and sadly the one in turkey creek has done the same. The sad part of this story is there’s no refunds for wedding dresses or any bridal attire. They closed the doors and now hundreds of brides are out of thousands of dollars with months until their wedding and nothing to wear.  They’re being sent to the lawyer of Alfred Angelo but what now?

This is why I always say if possible BUY LOCAL! We have a wedding dress shop called White, Lace and Promises which is wedding boutique is LOCALLY owned. That means they work here, they eat here, they have to see you at church, and the store.  They’re not going to close their doors and just say sorry.  Locally owned businesses are treasure for Knoxville.


For those Alfred Angelo brides I pray that you get your money back, its a sad day when people stop caring and just shut the doors.

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