Could “The Voice” Be Our Next Mayor?

Hello Loves,


The ability to get stuff done is an ability that a mayor needs to have. This includes a lot but a mayor has to be able to bring new people and especially new businesses into the area. One person running for mayor is already making Knox County the center of Tennessee.


Mayoral Candidate Bob Thomas brought in three celebrities and gave them the ultimate Knoxville/ Knox County advantage.  He didn’t just invite them to his fundraiser and let them pave the way to raising money for him.  He turned his week into going to events, but showing them what Knoxville and the people around here are like. He integrated them into his everyday life.


From a lunch and proclamation at Vol Market 3 with our current County Mayor, to a few radio shows letting everyone know they were here to eating a mingling in and out of local restaurants, it wasn’t just about helping Bob, it was about showing them our home town, and getting young people out to vote.

Bob Thomas ended his week at the Crown and Goose with some yummy food and around supporters. The “Voice” isn’t slowing down this man. He’s been running for almost a year now and I don’t think he sleeps. One thing is for sure, in the eyes of voters Bob Thomas has this race locked up.

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