Young Democrats Thirsty For Info….

Hello Loves,


Over forty five young Democrats met at Shulz Brewery on Tuesday night to have a meet n greet with Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero. The forty five young Democrats doesn’t include all the candidates and “older Democrats” that also attended. The group itself topped out around 60ish!

Mayor Rogero opened the meeting with excitement of her many years and accomplishments for Knoxville. With sticking to what she has said she would do on the campaign trail she spoke about a strong economy, private sector investing, focusing on the neighborhoods, building up Downtown, and connecting all of our green ways.

But this meeting wasn’t about what she has done, this meeting was about how to get everyone involved in the Democratic Party, and let me tell you everyone there was hungry for knowledge and ready to be placed to make a difference in Knoxville.


The main focus was the get out the vote events that are going on from now until election day for everyone to meet and greet all the 30 so candidates running for City Council. You can go to and find the information, but hurry up because early voting starts August 9th.


The Democratic Party has a fire under there a….I mean butt’s and they are trying to take over. The thing I noticed was how many YOUNG adults that were there and how eager they are to learn and become the change they want. The Knox County Democratic Party is even ran by a “Younger” woman who is fighting and working hard to get everyone involved.


I’ll end with this, Mayor Rogero has two more years and even with City Council having to replace five of the nine seats this year she is not slowing down and the party is moving with her.

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