Cakes for Republicans

Hello Loves,


Knox County West Republican Club rasied roughly 2000 dollars from their annual cake auction at rothschilds tonight.  Every year the club does this fundraiser to raise money to  be used on republican candidates during election time. This year was by far one of the biggest i’ve seen.


Mayor Burchett stayed for the whole time this year, but I think its b/c isabel made what is now her famous banana pudding to be auctioned off and I will say it was one of the top sellers of the night.


Don Ridings was the big spender his team and him bought around 6 sweet treats.

Judge Alior brought gluten free brownies with homemade chocolate sauce that i wanted to save for myself but once again I lost to the Mayor.


It was all fun and games and lots of smiles was made.  I will say the cakes were heavy this year and the money was flowing we are in election season friends let’s hope some of these races are as easy as pie.

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