A Jingle you can’t forget….

Hello Loves,


As some of you may know I worked the Farragut Independence Day Parade and I heard something I just had to share because it’s stuck in my head. Knox County Mayoral Candidate Bob Thomas has his own jingle. I’m not talking about the change in his pocket, I mean his very own Vote Bob Jingle! I don’t know why this shocks me, I mean he has claimed to be the voice of Knoxville with his long time career of being on the radio, being on Knox County Commission and now fighting for the privilege to be your voice as the next Knox County Mayor.  But now he has added a song that may be stuck in your head for a good few days.


Singing the jingle is an artist named Jessie Key and the words go something like this…..

Bob Thomas, Bob, Bob Thomas a man for you and me.

Bob Thomas Bob, Bob, Thomas the Voice that we all need.

Honesty, Integrity, a man for Knox County.


Bob Thomas, Bob, Bob Thomas a man for you and me.

Vote Bob.

Vote Bob.


You can hear this little jingle on his website at bobthomas.com


Or you can wait till the next parade. You’ll probably be tapping your toes and dancing a little for the next few days when it gets in your head.

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