Mayor Candidates on Tour

Hello Loves,

Faith tours and small business tours sum up the only two announced County Mayor candidates. They are hitting Knox County hard, in ways that only two great campaigns can do.  Each candidate is trying there own way to set them apart from the other.


Glenn Jacobs, has been doing small business tours in each part of the county from Vol Market 3, to Pepper’s Grill and Pizzeria in Corryton.  Glenn has hosting small meet n greets for people in areas to meet him on there own turf.  It’s a great way to get people to come out and support small businesses by hosting events like this.  It’s also a laid back non stuffy way to ask the questions you have for someone running for County Mayor.  Being a small business owner himself and the W.W.E. recognition that he has this truly may work in his favor. But have no room to fear I’m not calling it for there’s another celebrity with the voice we all know and a face we see everywhere.



Knox County Commissioner at large Bob Thomas has his own tour going on and this one is a direct line to the big guy himself. Bob and his wife Kim have been doing a faith tour. They started out at the beginning of the year and the goal is to hit as many churches as they can, obviously Knox County has over 1,000 churches so he can’t reach them all but all in all his plan seems to work.  Thomas’ voice is famous throughout Knox County and East Tennessee. Unlike Jacobs it’s easy putting a face to the voice so many know.  He’s also very active in the community if you follow his facebook his selfie game might even put Mayor Burchett to shame.

Thomas doesn’t seem to sleep at all, with an event every night, County Commission meetings, and let’s not forget his Bob and Ed’s nights outs throughout the county. He’s definitely not letting anyone body slam him around.


Knox County this is the stuff I’m made for. These new ideas of meeting voters makes my heart happy and loving this campaign season. Please check out both Glenn and Bob on Facebook for event updates and meet n greets!

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