A Horse Named Whisky and Don Ridings

Hello Loves,


Shrimp, cupcakes, beer, wine, a horse named Whisky and more was the sight of Don Ridings event, the Great American Shrimp Kickoff, last Saturday. With around 150 guests and around 60 people who bought tickets, but didn’t show up it was a grand first fundraiser of the year for Ridings.


The event was held at Sun Dance Farm and Event Center, in deep Farragut.  But with Pridefest, Brewfest, Dragon Boat Festival, and the Wing Festival he still had a good number of people there to show support.


The Boy Scouts kicked off the event, than a passionate prayer from Don’s pastor, then the big moment for Don as he gave his first campaign speech. He stated HE WIll be your next Knox County Circuit Court Clerk. In his words he wants to provide the service that Knox County needs but has not been getting in the past 20 years with the clerk’s office. He wants changes and higher level of services with online filing, and all employees completely trained to better help you.  The speech was quick and to the point.


There were a variety of attendees from:supporters, friends, family, City Council candidates James Corcoran and Andrew Wilson, members of the East Tennessee Libertarian Party, and elected officials such as State Representative Roger Kane. However, there were no officials from the Knox County Republican Party present but voters sure were. One thing is for sure, Don is ready to swim faster than all the other shrimp to get this job.

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