A little murder anyone?

Hello Loves,


The Powell Playhouse, has a new play that will make you laugh and keep you on the edge of your seat. “A Little Murder Never Hurt Anybody” by Ron Bernas

will open up Thursday June 22nd at Jubilee Banquet Facility. Dinner is $15 dollars and and the show is $10 dollars. It’s a great night out in powell.


The director of the show is Tracy Walker,who I have worked for when I was in “Rent” a few years ago. She’s a hard working director that makes sure the audience feels the same emotions that the show is intended to make you feel. The concept of this play is a comedy about a man who makes a New Year’s plan to to get rid of his wife so he can be a free man and roam the world. His wife discovers his plan and is determined to stay alive for her daughter’s wedding. The play is all fun  and laughs as the witty wife shows how smart she really is in out beating her husband and convincing him that his plan is killing other people not just her. But the real question is will the wife make it out alive? Will the daughter get married and what twist or turns and secrets do the other characters have?


Tickets are on sale now and you can purchase them at http://www.powellplayhouseinc.com/.


The dates are June 22nd- June 24th Check the website for extra dates and times and go see who lives and who gets married!!

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