Young Republicans and More


Hello Loves,

The Third Tuesday of the month is only good for one thing, if your form the ages of 18-40 you need to be at the Knox County Young Republicans at Red Lobster on Kingston Pike. This club is slowly but surely growing.

I’m the acting Chairwoman and voting for officers will be next month. My goal of this group is to get as many young people as possible involved in republican politics, campaigns, and to get involved whole heartedly in Knoxville and Knox County. I’ll be seeking the chair of the group. Stay tuned to see if I beat the Good Ol’ Boys and Gals that are so rampant in our county politics.

The speaker of the night was State Representative Roger Kane. Kane was only one out of two state representatives in Knox County that voted against the gas tax increase. Roger spoke on a variety of topics: such as being a state representative and what all it includes, the state budget, education, broadband internet, what it means to be conservative, and he also spoke on his plans of running for Knox County County Clerk.


It may come to a shock to some when you hear that Roger isn’t running again for his seat in the legislature. However, the answer to all of our wonder is simple. When he first ran he said he would only serve three terms and he’s upholding what he said and not running again.  Wait what?? An elected official that says he’ll do something and sticks to it, how refreshing.


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