Running and Randy Boyd

Hello Loves,

Vol Market 3 was packed to the brim with candidates, socialights, media and everyday people to meet Randy Boyd.  Boyd stood outside for a good 15 minutes and spoke to everyone he could before coming into the mob of people to take a picture and hug him, he had a slew of volunteers with sign up sheets for his email list and to volunteer to be on team Boyd.

Boyd spoke for a short two minutes opening up that Mayor Burchett had forgiven him after he had hired one of the mayor’s staff which made everyone laugh. He ended his speech with talking about how great the Vol Market and the University of Tennessee is. He threw out some numbers for all us to remember, Byod said “In 2018 it will have been 20 years since the football team has won a National Championship, in 2018 it will have been 10 years since the Lady Vols have won a National Championship, however in 2018 it will have been 44 years since the State of Tennessee has elected a Vol as the governor of Tennessee.” Boyd said,“Stop the streak and elect me as the governor of Tennessee

The play on numbers and words seemed to go over well, Boyd’s main theme is to win the race, since has been running his whole life.  Let’s see if he has enough power to push to the finish line. We have around a year to go and there’s no pacing this man because he’s  running sprints as far as I can see.


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