Who loves LOCAL craft beer

Hello Loves,

It’s finally here! I have been waiting for this for months and now I can officially say Merchants of Beer is finally open! Why am I so excited? Well it’s easy with over 40 beers on tap with 30 of them being LOCAL craft beers, with two red wines on tap, and a sparkling wine and craft soda. But it doesn’t stop there!! Merchants of Beer also nicknamed MOB has partnered with Honeybee Coffee, for soda and iced coffee.  Two great companies joining together to bring you the best of the best.

So, where is this place I’m speaking of? It’s in the heart of the Old City in the big silver building right on the corner at 137 South Central Street. Parking is on the side but if you’re like me I just park under the bridge near Barley’s and walk.  When you go in you’ll  see a huge sitting bar in front of you with a wall size chalkboard with a list upon lists of beer and wine that you can pick from.  Are you in a hurry? MOB has its very own room that you can purchase your favorite craft beer and I’m not just talking about a closet. This room is the size of a very large living room, with different craft beers that may or may not be on tap. This is a beer lover’s paradise.

After you have figured out your beer you can venture to the right side of the bar to, Park CIty Cigars and see my brilliant friend John Stancil. John, knows his cigars and he always takes the time to pair your beer with the best cigar and his prices are the best in town. But you’re not just going into a room you’re going into a lounge like area with leather seats and an air filtered room with two televisions so you can enjoy not only your beer and cigar but also the game.

Leading out of the bar MOB has two huge outside sitting area that will be perfect for those summer nights and pre-gaming for VOLS Football games. Besides the beer, and cigars the staff are extremly knowledgeable about all of the beers, so if you’re like me and still learning what you like it’s time to take a few hours and go to Merchants of Beer and try out all that they have!

Hours of Operation as of  now are:

Monday-Thursday 11am-11pm

Friday and Saturday 11am- to midnight or until the last customer is served and happy.

Sunday- 11am-10pm

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