Knoxvilles BEST Tacos

Hello Loves,


I have 2 words for you loves TACO TRUCK! Yum be still my taco loving heart I have found the best place to eat your favorite real Mexican food. I’m not talking about ground beef with queso infused in it. I’m talking about real, Chicken and steak with the perfect set of spices and fresh veggies not out of the bag frozen kind, the only thing that would make this truck better was if it served margaritas.


Another great thing about this Taco Truck is it’s a true food truck, the prices are what a food truck should be lower than a restaurant but with the right amount of food to fill you up without over stuffing your face.


Your go to girl ordered, Pastor(spicy Pork) Multias and 2 Pastor Tacos. The Mulitas where 2.95 each and there are 2 home made tortillas with avocado and amazing red sauce lettuce, cheese and Pastor. Now I will say I am not used to the homemade tortillas I’m used to the ones at taco bell these are thicker but compliment the Pastor very well. The red sauce is spicy but o me o my I could drink it. Speaking of drinks I will be driving to 2625 Broadway for some Real Lime Jarritos , which is a real Mexican soda and there pineapple water. Both were so refreshing and perfect for a hot summer day.

Tequeria La Herradura is solely located at 2625 Broadway , they do not move! And they are Open 11am-11pm if you are in the hurry and need to call in your order call 443-4404 and you can swing by and pick it up at home.

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