Find Waldo Knoxville!

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Who doesn’t love scavenger hunts? Here’s an old fashion find Waldo event that will take over Knoxville. This event will be taking place during the whole month of July. With over three dozen locations in Downtown Knoxville you and your favorite scavenger hunter helper will have to look in each and every business to find Waldo.

Visit knoxville did this concept during Christmas time, with elf on the shelf and it was a HUGE hit. Now that it’s Summer time it’s time to do it again.

Here’s how this works you will need to pick up your find Waldo Passport at Union Ave Books, which is the Find Waldo Host store and away you go. You have a month to find all your Waldo’s Downtown and get the special stamp of approval, then turn in your passport for prizes

This is a great way to see beautiful Downtown Knoxville and to give your kiddos a job while you do some Summer shopping.  Its a very kid friendly activity that I for one will definitely put on my summer list to do.

Make sure if you do this to use the #foundwaldoknox on social media and most important have a blast!!!

Mayor Candidates on Tour

Hello Loves,

Faith tours and small business tours sum up the only two announced County Mayor candidates. They are hitting Knox County hard, in ways that only two great campaigns can do.  Each candidate is trying there own way to set them apart from the other.


Glenn Jacobs, has been doing small business tours in each part of the county from Vol Market 3, to Pepper’s Grill and Pizzeria in Corryton.  Glenn has hosting small meet n greets for people in areas to meet him on there own turf.  It’s a great way to get people to come out and support small businesses by hosting events like this.  It’s also a laid back non stuffy way to ask the questions you have for someone running for County Mayor.  Being a small business owner himself and the W.W.E. recognition that he has this truly may work in his favor. But have no room to fear I’m not calling it for there’s another celebrity with the voice we all know and a face we see everywhere.



Knox County Commissioner at large Bob Thomas has his own tour going on and this one is a direct line to the big guy himself. Bob and his wife Kim have been doing a faith tour. They started out at the beginning of the year and the goal is to hit as many churches as they can, obviously Knox County has over 1,000 churches so he can’t reach them all but all in all his plan seems to work.  Thomas’ voice is famous throughout Knox County and East Tennessee. Unlike Jacobs it’s easy putting a face to the voice so many know.  He’s also very active in the community if you follow his facebook his selfie game might even put Mayor Burchett to shame.

Thomas doesn’t seem to sleep at all, with an event every night, County Commission meetings, and let’s not forget his Bob and Ed’s nights outs throughout the county. He’s definitely not letting anyone body slam him around.


Knox County this is the stuff I’m made for. These new ideas of meeting voters makes my heart happy and loving this campaign season. Please check out both Glenn and Bob on Facebook for event updates and meet n greets!

A Horse Named Whisky and Don Ridings

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Shrimp, cupcakes, beer, wine, a horse named Whisky and more was the sight of Don Ridings event, the Great American Shrimp Kickoff, last Saturday. With around 150 guests and around 60 people who bought tickets, but didn’t show up it was a grand first fundraiser of the year for Ridings.


The event was held at Sun Dance Farm and Event Center, in deep Farragut.  But with Pridefest, Brewfest, Dragon Boat Festival, and the Wing Festival he still had a good number of people there to show support.


The Boy Scouts kicked off the event, than a passionate prayer from Don’s pastor, then the big moment for Don as he gave his first campaign speech. He stated HE WIll be your next Knox County Circuit Court Clerk. In his words he wants to provide the service that Knox County needs but has not been getting in the past 20 years with the clerk’s office. He wants changes and higher level of services with online filing, and all employees completely trained to better help you.  The speech was quick and to the point.


There were a variety of attendees from:supporters, friends, family, City Council candidates James Corcoran and Andrew Wilson, members of the East Tennessee Libertarian Party, and elected officials such as State Representative Roger Kane. However, there were no officials from the Knox County Republican Party present but voters sure were. One thing is for sure, Don is ready to swim faster than all the other shrimp to get this job.

Update on Mayor’s Race

Hello Loves

Sheriff J.J. Jones confirmed on Facebook that he is not running for Knox County Mayor.  The following is the message on Facebook. The following is a message from Sheriff Jimmy “J.J.” Jones:

“I want to thank everyone who has supported me in my decision to run for Knox County Mayor. Words cannot express my appreciation for the continued support I have received from the citizens of Knox County throughout the years.

Due to the health problems of a family member, which consume a considerable amount of my time, I will not be able to continue to campaign for Knox County Mayor.

Thank you for the trust you have placed in me over the years.”


Let’s keep Sheriff Jones and his family in our prayers.


On top of that my strong sources say Rep. Jason Zackary will be jumping in the mayor race. Blessed assurance,we are still waiting County Commissioner Brad Anders to pick up his papers and run….This race is keeping us on our toes!

A little murder anyone?

Hello Loves,


The Powell Playhouse, has a new play that will make you laugh and keep you on the edge of your seat. “A Little Murder Never Hurt Anybody” by Ron Bernas

will open up Thursday June 22nd at Jubilee Banquet Facility. Dinner is $15 dollars and and the show is $10 dollars. It’s a great night out in powell.


The director of the show is Tracy Walker,who I have worked for when I was in “Rent” a few years ago. She’s a hard working director that makes sure the audience feels the same emotions that the show is intended to make you feel. The concept of this play is a comedy about a man who makes a New Year’s plan to to get rid of his wife so he can be a free man and roam the world. His wife discovers his plan and is determined to stay alive for her daughter’s wedding. The play is all fun  and laughs as the witty wife shows how smart she really is in out beating her husband and convincing him that his plan is killing other people not just her. But the real question is will the wife make it out alive? Will the daughter get married and what twist or turns and secrets do the other characters have?


Tickets are on sale now and you can purchase them at


The dates are June 22nd- June 24th Check the website for extra dates and times and go see who lives and who gets married!!

Young Republicans and More


Hello Loves,

The Third Tuesday of the month is only good for one thing, if your form the ages of 18-40 you need to be at the Knox County Young Republicans at Red Lobster on Kingston Pike. This club is slowly but surely growing.

I’m the acting Chairwoman and voting for officers will be next month. My goal of this group is to get as many young people as possible involved in republican politics, campaigns, and to get involved whole heartedly in Knoxville and Knox County. I’ll be seeking the chair of the group. Stay tuned to see if I beat the Good Ol’ Boys and Gals that are so rampant in our county politics.

The speaker of the night was State Representative Roger Kane. Kane was only one out of two state representatives in Knox County that voted against the gas tax increase. Roger spoke on a variety of topics: such as being a state representative and what all it includes, the state budget, education, broadband internet, what it means to be conservative, and he also spoke on his plans of running for Knox County County Clerk.


It may come to a shock to some when you hear that Roger isn’t running again for his seat in the legislature. However, the answer to all of our wonder is simple. When he first ran he said he would only serve three terms and he’s upholding what he said and not running again.  Wait what?? An elected official that says he’ll do something and sticks to it, how refreshing.


The Pour On Knoxville Brewfest

Hello Loves,

I’ve got the scoop or should I say pour on Knoxville Brewfest and who is serving what. First things first, Brewfest is THIS SATURDAY, from 4-8 on Gay Street. Now is the time to buy your tickets because they are selling fast and you do not want to miss this event!

So who is bringing what? Here is what I have so far:

Mayday- Old Salem Sour Batch #5

Fat Bottom- Two Piece

Depot Street- Lemon Gose

World’s Fair- Lemon Drop Wheat

Cold Fusion- Buzzliner Weisse

Black Abbey and Pint Boots Callab- Boots in Abbey

SweetWater- Old Man Johnson’s Farm Imperial Stout

BlackHorse –Barrel-age Wit

And these are just a few of the yummy Craft beers you can try on Saturday!