Hello Loves,

What does a 1969 Volkswagen Bus named Stella and a photo both have in common? Well loves let me tell you. It all happened when Joe and Kathleen found a running VW Bus but like many old vehicles it was in need a lot of restoration. A 69’ bus and an idea… What could possibly go wrong with that? Well 14 months later it was no longer an idea but a reality. Together they put a new twist on a great way to bring people together for quick photos and smiles.

Knox Photo Bus is just that bus, I witnessed it as they were doing FREE pictures for mothers at Faith Promise Church where I attend with lots of props, big sunglasses, phantom of the opera masks, bows, boas, American hats and so much more.

The bus has a leather seat and an old tv that looks like it came straight out of the 70’s. You sit in the bus and get ready for the countdown. The Countdown goes down then boom you smile and within seconds you’re done and your pictures are ready. The great thing about this bus is it can go anywhere, from Birthday parties to weddings to the Zoo for a photo shoot and smiles.  It’s a great asset to Knoxville! Our beautiful city is filled with so many hidden gems such as this one. So, don’t let anyone tell you Nashville is better than Knoxville.  Check them out and tell them your go to girl for Knoxville sent you!

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