New Barber Shop and Shave

Hello Loves,

In the 1920’s the place for men to gather was the Barber shop. To have some coffee get a fresh shave and just talk about the day’s plans. The days of in and out hair cuts have taken over and Zoran Stepanov thinks it’s time to slow down and get a haircut chit chat and get a cool old fashion shave.

E.D. Bailey Barbers, is located at 303 North Central Street across the tracks from the old city. It has an old style atmosphere with a pool table and only three chairs which brings the hipster look out and makes you want to hang out for a while and just people watch as they walk down the street.

Zoran Stepanov, is a Knoxville resident from Serbia where a trip on a motorcycle through a drive on the tail of the dragon made him fall in love with East Tennessee. From there a dream was made and just two weeks ago he opened his very own barber shop.


Zoran says that although he’s had haircuts, the one thing most men have came in to get are shaves and beard trims. He specializes in a pamper style for men with his shaves, warm face towels, pre and post oils and with some good talk is just what you will get.

After you get your shave or haircut you can enjoy a game of pool if you want or just sit around and talk about your day, it’s not just about a haircut but about being able to enjoy Knoxville and all the people in it.

If you want to make an appointment you can call 500-7051 and walk ins are always welcome.


2 thoughts on “New Barber Shop and Shave

  1. Great facial and head shaved with a straight razor well worth the money and then some. Great place if you want a good shave


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