Run do Not WALK!

Hello Loves,

Run don’t walk, right now to 1315 E. Beaver Creek, if you are a woman because their is a new place for you to shop, Southern Sisters Boutique. This boutique is quaint but perfect if you’re looking for attire that not every boutique has.

Courtney Bowman, a born and raised Knoxvillian, has made it her mission to dress every woman in affordable yet stylish clothing. Ordering from Los Angeles, she picks out unique pieces that fit all body types. The best part of this boutique is there’s not a lot of overhead with Courtney, the business is small and she’s the only employee but don’t let that fool you. I was just in there and found over ten outfits that I wanted to buy. The outfits are stylish yet can be used in the office or on a date night and most outfits are under $30 with specials that are ran almost every single weekend.


Southern Sisters, got its name because Courtney has three daughters, which is why the sisters is in there. The other great part of this boutique is it’s child friendly since Courtney is a mom herself. My son fit right in watching a youtube video as I shopped away, praise the Lord for a few minutes of mommy time. Now the shop is small but don’t let it fool you… Small shops like this are worth every single penny that you spend especially since she has amazing prices.

There’s a huge Memorial Day special!  Buy one outfit and get the 2nd half off!! She’s  constantly putting dresses on her $10 rack to make people like your go to girl happy! I for one will definitely be back! So, stop reading this and start driving and tell her your go to girl for Knoxville sent you. One last thing. Thank you for buying local, when you buy local you’re pouring money straight back into Knoxville which puts us one step closer to building Knoxville into an even greater city! GO SHOP UNTIL YOU DROP!

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