Music and City Council?

Hello Loves,


“Passing the day with the wave to all the cars as they pass, Time stops for no one, We’ve all got one thing in common and it’s that we’re not growing young”


Artist and local celebrity Erick Baker Slowed the world down a little bit at Brandon Bruce’s fundraising event. Brandon is running for city council in the 2nd District. There was a catch to the fundraiser. He wasn’t raising money for his campaign, he was raising money for the Change Center  that will give youngsters an opportunity to have a safe place to play, and create around 80 Jobs and leadership programs to give them a firm foundation before they are thrown out into this cold hard world.

Brandon, who owns his own business called Cirrus Insight, welcomed friends and co workers and anyone who bought a ticket to hear Erick sing into his home and backyard as he hosted a two hour intimate concert raising over 3,000 dollars to help the Change Center keep on track to open by the end of this year.

What struck me as heartwarming is that he did this during his campaign time, but this wasn’t a campaign stunt he truly wanted to just give back to his community and city.  I’m an Erick baker super fan so I loved the fact that they brought in a local artist that embodies what Knoxville is all about, love, compassion and hard work.

erick baker and city4

Brandon and his wife had around 140 people and they had a sweet moment as they slow danced to Erick’s romantic lyrics. Erick also donated all of his proceeds from his merchandise to the Change Center.


Erick, ended the concert with spreading blessings for the Change Center and I think a few of those blessings may rub on Brandon as he runs for City Council but who am I to call favorites?


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