City of Knoxville Candidates

Hello Loves,


The city of Knoxville elections are in full bloom with some candidates already knocking on doors such as Lauren Rider a candidate for District 4. Eastminster Presbyterian Church hosted a 19 candidate meet n greet style forum and it was packed full of concerned voters and people who wanted to hear from each and every candidate and boy did they get an earful.

Every candidate that was running was asked to come and get their name out, I don’t think they excepted for 19  of them to come out, but it was nice to hear three minutes from every candidate.

I’m going to go through and list everyone who ATTENDED and what seat they’re  running for and link all of their Facebook accounts or websites for you where you can check them out. I’m also listing who currently holds that seat. Since this current city council has been together for many many years this breakdown of term limits could completely change how Knoxville is ran.

With all that said the ball is in your court to go look them up and get out and vote!!!


District 1


Currently holding the seat now is Nick Pavlis

The only candidate that attended the meet n greet forum was Stephanie Welch

District 2


Currently holding the seat now is Duane Grieve

Brandon Bruce

Wayne Christensen

Andrew Roberto

William P. Stone

David Williams

District 3

Currently holding that seat is Brenda Palmer

James Corcoran  who many of you may remember from last year when he came in an impressive third place in the Republican Primary for House District 18 against Martin Daniel and Steve Hall

Jody Mullins


District 4


Currently holding the seat now is Nick Della Volpe

Jack Knoxville

Lauren Rider

Harry Tindell

Dan Davis



District 6

Currently holding that seat is Dan Brown


Brandy Slaybaugh

Shawnee Rios

Damon Rawls

Jennifer Montgomery

Michael Covington

Joyce Brown

Rev. John Butler

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