Fried Baloney and Sushi?

Hello Loves

Fried baloney, with white bread, mayo, lettuce, tomato, RC Cola and moon pie….. Sounds like a great lunch right? Add around 30 political people and that’s what you had last Thursday at the baloney cutting at Powell Auction. There was around 150 people there but the event could have been much larger….

So what was it missing? Voters, that are not the same ol people that come to every typical political event. Knoxvillians, come on now, this is the time to meet your candidates running for office! I excepted around 300 people to show up but that wasn’t the case. Why???

Are they scared they will be asked for money? Do they think the same ol people just run over and over again? Do they not care? I think it’s a little bit of it all, but one person who wasn’t there approached his event much differently.

Glenn Jacobs had an event Thursday night at the Sushi Spot. There were no big speeches given, no free food, none of the typical campaign agendas,  just people coming out for a  meet and greet to say hi and chit chat……Both events had decent turnouts, but both events were completely the same as far as the people who attended.

Should we change the way we do political stuff now, since we need to reach a younger crowd? Or stay with the same ol same ol?  I don’t know but I do know I love fried baloney and I enjoyed seeing all of my friends and past candidates on Thursday…But I have been told for a while I’m just one of the good ol boys.

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