A sign to make your day..

Hello Loves,

Being a Fountain City girl I’ve always loved the small town feeling that Fountain City has always had. With great family businesses like Lintons, and the Creamery before it burnt down. Along with new local businesses that are growing there everyday.  It’s easy to walk down the street and find a friendly face and just smile and talk about the park or the duck pond.

But there’s another great message that not everyone sees that has been going on for as long as I can remember. For most of my readers you have come to find out that I am addicted to working out because it’s my way of destressing and getting lost.  National Fitness off of Broadway also called Court South is where I go.  I’ve gone there since I was little when my mom bought a membership so she could shower without three kids holding on to her.

As an adult there’s no where else I wanted to go but to Court South,but at the time they were being bought out by National Fitness.  So, I did my research and finally bought a membership that made it possible for me to go to all of them, and now I primarily go to the North National Fitness that got to keep it’s name as Court South through the buyout negotiations.

Court South isn’t as updated as the West National Fitness is,but It’s home to me.  The childcare is the best with a small group that always knows my sons name and his wild side. To the front desk workers who know my favorite smoothie and pre-work out routine. To the staff that knows if I miss a day I must have had a bad day, and a staff member named Ron Rayho.

Ron is the General Manager at Court South, and he’s been there for more than ten years. The best thing about Ron is he knows almost all of the members by their names and his quality is his passion for his community and the people that live in it.

Ron changes Court South’s marquees sign every day and sometimes he even changes it three or four times a day to include Happy Birthday messages to every member on their birthday. It doesn’t stop there if by chance it’s a slow birthday day or another event happens in the community he adds  words of encouragement that touches everyone’s hearts.  You can see everything from Happy Birthday to, well done on your new job, to messages showing compassion if someone has died, and it’s not just the adults we are talking about it’s the kids too. My son has had his name up there and it’s now his favorite part of the day!

It’s this marquee sign and the time Ron takes to show his community how much they are loved that sets Court South apart from any other gym and with this simple act of kindness he is helping Knoxville grow and it’s just another reason why Knoxville is the best place to live.

To contact Ron Rayho for membership please call 865-688-3600

3 thoughts on “A sign to make your day..

  1. I love this gym. I drive the extra 10 to 15 minutes for these people. Not the gym itself (which I like the layout too), but the amazing people. From the very first day I walked in the door, they treated me like family.


  2. We are not members there anymore and Ron still put my daughters 6th birthday on the sign!!! Totally made her day!!! Such a great guy !!!


  3. We’ve been members a long time at Court South, and Ron is 51% of the reason. The other 49% is the rest of the staff and the members, everyone is friendly and encouraging. This club just has a different feeling in the atmosphere that other clubs have. And having a club manager like Ron is just icing on the cake!


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