Buddy’s Secret……

Hello Loves,

The “Rumor Mill” has been turning fast over the mayoral race. At first it was said that former State Senator Stacey Campfield  was running, then it was said Sheriff J.J. Jones was really running and the big rumor and wonder was about Knox County GOP Chairman Buddy Burkhardt is still going to get in the race. Now that he was re-elected Chairman of the GOP earlier this year. Will he run against his boss Sheriff JJ Jones who formally announced earlier this week that he’s indeed running for mayor. I mean these are questions that I get on a daily basis.

But do you wanna know what I think? I mean hey you get what you paid for and you paid nothing so here’s what I think.  I was all Nancy Drewing this when I came up to my conclusion.
As of today I don’t think Buddy Burckhardt is running for mayor. He likes his job so he’s not going to go up against his boss and run. Let’s look at our facts… I think that the fact that the Knox County GOP really worked hard to keep him in his place, gave him a clear message, DO NOT RUN FOR MAYOR. However, at the Lincoln Day Dinner all the bags said Buddy Burkhardt Future Candidate but it didn’t say for what. Of course it could be due to the state rules stating you can’t run for a political position and be a county GOP chair.

We all went home thinking yup, he’s going to run, but the more I think, I think it’s for something different… I think he has his eyes on State Representative Harry Brooks who represents House District 19.  Here’s why, Harry hasn’t stated whether or not he’s going to run again, and with his health issues it seems to me that he’s not going to…. Here is Buddy’s perfect way to run.  He could do this without running against any of his friends, it would be a district that knows him, he wouldn’t have to possibly leave his job except while session is in.  It all seems a little too perfect…. Could that be the huge secret? Maybe I’m just speculating to much . Either way he’s running for something and my money is not on him running for mayor.  But then again I don’t gamble……

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