History,Food ,and a Politician

Hello Loves,

I attended the East Tennessee Historical Society meeting at the Foundry the other day.  This meeting was their annual awards meeting, where they recognize around 30 people from Knoxville and surrounding areas for all their hard work in preserving history. If you’re a history lover like me it’s a great event to go to; however, it’s not the event itself that I wanna share with my wonderful readers.

Being the go to girl that I am I always watch people, someone that caught my eye because they were working the floor was Charlie Susano. He is one of four candidates for Circuit Court Clerk. Bless it be friends that man hardly sat down. He went from table to table and seemed to have a story and a smile for every person. Just like the saying “shaking hands and kissing babies,” well he certainly did that.

Now I’ve met Susano through different republican meetings and he is a delight, but this man if he knows one thing it’s  his vast knowledge of the history of Knoxville.  From World’s Fair Beer to the Kuhlman drug store this man knows it all, so it wasn’t a surprise to me that he was there with his lovely wife. The biggest thing that caught my attention is he seemed really be personable to anyone and everyone which was a delight to see.  Now this is not an endorsement from your go to girl, I just want to keep all you wonderful people in the know about who all the candidates are.


So here is a quick overview if Charlie Susano…

*From Knoxville
*Currently working in the Trustee’s Office
*Family Man
*Running for Circuit Court Clerk

With four people running in this race it’s going to take some hard core dedication, lots of door knocking and getting their names out there to try to get the most votes. So far Susano is taking on this challenge from one history buff to the other.

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