Knoxville Just got Sweeter

Hello Loves,

West Knoxville just got a little bit sweeter! I’m not sure what this donut craze is that is hitting Knoxville, but this donut loving blogger is loving it! Just down the street from the krispy Kreme and the new Duck Donut is a brand new donut and coffee café with the biggest donuts you can find in Knoxville. Status Dough located at 6535 Kingston Pike is the newest donut shop that will make your sugar jump and your kids wilder than ever but it’s definitely worth the extra calories!!


Jimmy Wooten, Vice President of Status Dough sat down with yours truly and told me how much he loves Knoxville, Football and his  passion to make homemade great tasting sweets, and boy oh boy he is doing just that.


The donuts and pastries are truly the biggest that I have ever seen. They are homemade and very fresh as they make them at the beginning of the day. Speaking of homemade even their jelly is homemade. Status Dough even makes Paczki, which is an polish donut, that is so good it should be a sin. If you have an intolerance to gluten don’t worry because they have gluten free donuts. There old fashion donuts are made just like they did in the olden days, and are not perfectly shaped but made with ridges that keep the flavor in with every bite. You can find their full menu here.

Every day is a new day with different donuts and they have been selling out before they close everyday. So some helpful hints before you go.. Go early and they may seem a little pricey but it’s worth every dollar. I would advise you not to take your kids before nap time. Parking is a little cramped  so you may have to park at Calhoun’s and walk but it’s worth it. Last but not least my main donut inspector, my pops, gives it 4 sticky stars and ate 3 of the donuts before he asked for milk. So get out and go!!

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