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What does a 1969 Volkswagen Bus named Stella and a photo both have in common? Well loves let me tell you. It all happened when Joe and Kathleen found a running VW Bus but like many old vehicles it was in need a lot of restoration. A 69’ bus and an idea… What could possibly go wrong with that? Well 14 months later it was no longer an idea but a reality. Together they put a new twist on a great way to bring people together for quick photos and smiles.

Knox Photo Bus is just that bus, I witnessed it as they were doing FREE pictures for mothers at Faith Promise Church where I attend with lots of props, big sunglasses, phantom of the opera masks, bows, boas, American hats and so much more.

The bus has a leather seat and an old tv that looks like it came straight out of the 70’s. You sit in the bus and get ready for the countdown. The Countdown goes down then boom you smile and within seconds you’re done and your pictures are ready. The great thing about this bus is it can go anywhere, from Birthday parties to weddings to the Zoo for a photo shoot and smiles.  It’s a great asset to Knoxville! Our beautiful city is filled with so many hidden gems such as this one. So, don’t let anyone tell you Nashville is better than Knoxville.  Check them out and tell them your go to girl for Knoxville sent you!

New Barber Shop and Shave

Hello Loves,

In the 1920’s the place for men to gather was the Barber shop. To have some coffee get a fresh shave and just talk about the day’s plans. The days of in and out hair cuts have taken over and Zoran Stepanov thinks it’s time to slow down and get a haircut chit chat and get a cool old fashion shave.

E.D. Bailey Barbers, is located at 303 North Central Street across the tracks from the old city. It has an old style atmosphere with a pool table and only three chairs which brings the hipster look out and makes you want to hang out for a while and just people watch as they walk down the street.

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Run do Not WALK!

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Run don’t walk, right now to 1315 E. Beaver Creek, if you are a woman because their is a new place for you to shop, Southern Sisters Boutique. This boutique is quaint but perfect if you’re looking for attire that not every boutique has.

Courtney Bowman, a born and raised Knoxvillian, has made it her mission to dress every woman in affordable yet stylish clothing. Ordering from Los Angeles, she picks out unique pieces that fit all body types. The best part of this boutique is there’s not a lot of overhead with Courtney, the business is small and she’s the only employee but don’t let that fool you. I was just in there and found over ten outfits that I wanted to buy. The outfits are stylish yet can be used in the office or on a date night and most outfits are under $30 with specials that are ran almost every single weekend.

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Brew Fest!!!!

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In less than a month on June 17th Knoxville’s Best Craft Beer event will be here and you do not want to miss it! Brew Fest Knoxville is back for its 7th year and in a bigger and better location in the heart of downtown Knoxville on the 700th Block of gay street and the street will be lined with nothing but your favorite beers for you to try.

As of now the list of who will be attending is Craft Distribution Company carrying some of your all time favorites at almost every beer festival in Knoxville, Tallgrass Brewing Company I hope they bring my favorite Key Lime Beer, Caldera Brewing Company, Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales, Big River Brewing Company, Tennessee Brew Works, Ballast Point, Wiseacre, Hexagon Brewing Company Knoxville’s newest brewery in fountain city, World’s Fair Beer bringing back your favorite Worlds Fair beer no petro’s included, Sixpoint Brewery for all your IPA needs, Straight To Ale all the way from Huntsville Alabama, Catawba Brewing Company, Fat Bottom Brewing from our state’s capital, The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery, Cold Fusion Brewing they are rumored to serve:Bootleg IPA, SOB Honey Wheat, Celestial Sour, and Positron Stout, Thomas Creek Brewery always a beer lover’s favorite, Jack’s Hard Cider is one of my favorites of all time shhhh don’t tell, New Belgium Brewing, and last but not least so far is Urban Artifact. Don’t worry if you don’t see your favorite because the web site is being updated daily!

If you purchase tickets before MAY 31, you can get their early bird special which is $45 dollars after that prices go up. A $20 designated driver ticket can be purchased for your friend that will get you home safely but please keep in mind they must be over 21, and no kids or animals are encouraged for this event.

Keep Coming back to McCalla Around Knoxville for more updates for this great event or you can also visit their website at .

Music and City Council?

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“Passing the day with the wave to all the cars as they pass, Time stops for no one, We’ve all got one thing in common and it’s that we’re not growing young”


Artist and local celebrity Erick Baker Slowed the world down a little bit at Brandon Bruce’s fundraising event. Brandon is running for city council in the 2nd District. There was a catch to the fundraiser. He wasn’t raising money for his campaign, he was raising money for the Change Center  that will give youngsters an opportunity to have a safe place to play, and create around 80 Jobs and leadership programs to give them a firm foundation before they are thrown out into this cold hard world.

Brandon, who owns his own business called Cirrus Insight, welcomed friends and co workers and anyone who bought a ticket to hear Erick sing into his home and backyard as he hosted a two hour intimate concert raising over 3,000 dollars to help the Change Center keep on track to open by the end of this year.

What struck me as heartwarming is that he did this during his campaign time, but this wasn’t a campaign stunt he truly wanted to just give back to his community and city.  I’m an Erick baker super fan so I loved the fact that they brought in a local artist that embodies what Knoxville is all about, love, compassion and hard work.

erick baker and city4

Brandon and his wife had around 140 people and they had a sweet moment as they slow danced to Erick’s romantic lyrics. Erick also donated all of his proceeds from his merchandise to the Change Center.


Erick, ended the concert with spreading blessings for the Change Center and I think a few of those blessings may rub on Brandon as he runs for City Council but who am I to call favorites?


What to do this weekend?

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The weekend is here, and your go to girl has made a list of some wonderful Knoxville activities  for you if you don’t have plans yet. You’re always welcome to watch my Facebook live every Friday as I list these activities on Real News Talk 92.3 and we chit chat about Knoxville and events going on.


So here we go……

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City of Knoxville Candidates

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The city of Knoxville elections are in full bloom with some candidates already knocking on doors such as Lauren Rider a candidate for District 4. Eastminster Presbyterian Church hosted a 19 candidate meet n greet style forum and it was packed full of concerned voters and people who wanted to hear from each and every candidate and boy did they get an earful.

Every candidate that was running was asked to come and get their name out, I don’t think they excepted for 19  of them to come out, but it was nice to hear three minutes from every candidate.

I’m going to go through and list everyone who ATTENDED and what seat they’re  running for and link all of their Facebook accounts or websites for you where you can check them out. I’m also listing who currently holds that seat. Since this current city council has been together for many many years this breakdown of term limits could completely change how Knoxville is ran.

With all that said the ball is in your court to go look them up and get out and vote!!!

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