Hello Loves, What does a 1969 Volkswagen Bus named Stella and a photo both have in common? Well loves let me tell you. It all happened when Joe and Kathleen found a running VW Bus but like many old vehicles it was in need a lot of restoration. A 69’ bus and an idea… What … Continue reading Stella?

New Barber Shop and Shave

Hello Loves, In the 1920’s the place for men to gather was the Barber shop. To have some coffee get a fresh shave and just talk about the day's plans. The days of in and out hair cuts have taken over and Zoran Stepanov thinks it's time to slow down and get a haircut chit … Continue reading New Barber Shop and Shave

Run do Not WALK!

Hello Loves, Run don’t walk, right now to 1315 E. Beaver Creek, if you are a woman because their is a new place for you to shop, Southern Sisters Boutique. This boutique is quaint but perfect if you’re looking for attire that not every boutique has. Courtney Bowman, a born and raised Knoxvillian, has made … Continue reading Run do Not WALK!

Music and City Council?

Hello Loves,   “Passing the day with the wave to all the cars as they pass, Time stops for no one, We’ve all got one thing in common and it’s that we’re not growing young”   Artist and local celebrity Erick Baker Slowed the world down a little bit at Brandon Bruce’s fundraising event. Brandon … Continue reading Music and City Council?

What to do this weekend?

Hello Loves,   The weekend is here, and your go to girl has made a list of some wonderful Knoxville activities  for you if you don’t have plans yet. You're always welcome to watch my Facebook live every Friday as I list these activities on Real News Talk 92.3 and we chit chat about Knoxville … Continue reading What to do this weekend?

City of Knoxville Candidates

Hello Loves,   The city of Knoxville elections are in full bloom with some candidates already knocking on doors such as Lauren Rider a candidate for District 4. Eastminster Presbyterian Church hosted a 19 candidate meet n greet style forum and it was packed full of concerned voters and people who wanted to hear from … Continue reading City of Knoxville Candidates