A Taste of History

Hello Loves,

Where were you when the World’s Fair was here in Knoxville? Were you born yet? Well I wasn’t born yet, but I do know that I’ve always heard about how amazing it was and how it truly put Knoxville, Tennessee on the map. Well a little bit for our history is coming back. World’s Fair Beer is back in cans and on tap for a short amount of time so you can enjoy a little taste of history.

World’s Fair Beer’s 35 Anniversary is this year and Rick Kuhlman has made it one of his projects to bring it back. Now it’s a Hoppy Pale Ale that is smooth and an easy summer drinkable beer, the brewing company that was chosen to make this hoppy goodness is Fanatic Brewing Company.

The Launch was held at the Sunsphere where it  was first brought to life with around 200 of its biggest fans, with a promise that it will be in stores as soon as they share it with the rest of us  craft beer lovers at the Brewhibition event this Saturday at the Southern Railway, lower level.

So swing on Downtown this Saturday like they did 35 years ago and grab yourself a gulp from heaven, you might even find a petro on your way there.

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