Lincoln Day Dinner

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O Lincoln Day dinner. This happens every year for the Knox County Republican Party.  Every year I pick out the perfect outfit, perfect table and get ready for a great night with my fellow republicans. I’m not going to lie, I have huge expectations for this dinner.  Ron Paul was the speaker at my very first Lincoln Day Dinner I attended. Then a year after that the speaker was Allen West, yes the Allen West.  Two great speakers that lite a fire under your flag loven American booty!  Last year we had presidential hopeful Governor Kasich speak while he was still in the race. So to say I except amazing dinners is a huge understatement considering my high maintenance needs for a great Lincoln Day speaker.
This year was a little different…. But let’s come back to that in just a minute.


What is a Lincoln day dinner?  A Lincoln Day Dinner is a dinner where all of our republican elected officials, and members of the Republican Party get together to eat and hear a great speaker. Plus it’s the largest fundraiser of the year.  I kind of feel like it’s the New Year’s Eve for all of us republicans. We normally go over where we have been and look forward to a great new future. We always talk about the past and what we have learned and someone always talks about what we can do better in the future.

Having all that power in one room Is simply amazing, from the just everyday Mr. Mrs. Republican to  our county commissioners, court system employees, judges, sheriff, state representatives and state senators, our wonderful Mayor Tim Burchett, and as always our beloved Congressman Jimmy Duncan. Lets not forget about all of our hopefuls and wanna bee’s as we are in the heart of election season. Overall, it’s a great event to mingle and meet and greet.

This year, Senator Roy Blunt from Missouri was our guest speaker. I will say in my most humble opinion he did a good job; however, I wanted to hear more about how he helped with the inauguration of our president being a professional gofer myself. I enjoy hearing about what goes into planning big events, but that wasn’t the case.  He was more into talking about other topics and left me kind of wishing Congressman Duncan would take over and get us all rowdy to take over Knoxville. Speaking of Congressman Duncan he had the crowd going wild when he spoke about not giving a platform to the group East Tennessee Indivisible. He said, they’re angry that he won’t give them a platform for their radical left wing propaganda.


All in all it was a good event and I encourage anyone and everyone to buy a ticket next year and go.

One thought on “Lincoln Day Dinner

  1. A good event is not what I would call it. A parade of people who think they are important and want to be seen is more like it. Last year the Knox County GOP picked favorites in the presidential race by allowing Kasic to speak and only allowing Kasic and Trump signs to be put up. This year they got a speaker no one has heard of so that they could fight over who got to sit up front and take a picture with him. This dinner is only put in so they can prance around and think they are someone for a change. The Knox County GOP is run (and has always been run) by the good ole boys and girls who could care less about anyone or anything but themselves. The entitlement in that room makes me sick.


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